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"... true art has a close affinity with the world of faith, so that, even in situations where culture and the Church are far apart, art remains a kind of bridge to religious experience. In so far as it seeks the beautiful, fruit of an imagination which rises above the everyday, art is by its nature a kind of appeal to the mystery. " (His Holiness Johannes Paul II, Letter to the Artists).


World's Fastest Cargo Bike


alizr alias alione

Ride Bike , Get Awesome

Alles, nur kein Auto

Susanne Haun

Zeichnungen - Drawings

Akademie für geile Texte

Literaturnobelp-Reis, Basmati, 3min

Yes we can do (almost) anything by bike!!!

Since the birth of my son some seven years ago I became a bike enthusiast. All these years later some might call me a bike extremist. But what I’ve learned is that bikes are not that much slower for commuting (and more fun and less stressfull). Even stronger: bikes can solve a lot of practical problems people start petrol engined machinery for... The reason for this blog!

Die Welt der Fotografie aus meiner Sicht......

Katrin goes Triathlon

-the challenge is to find out how far I can take it-


Never Stop!

cycling & mehr

cycling - radeln - fietsen


Alles von und mit Kirschen.

I want to ride my bicycle

40.075 KM in 31 Monaten


4 Monate Vorbereitung auf meinen ersten Marathon

Tiefendeswaldes Blog

Berichte von unterwegs


Martin Black - Szene Konzerte, Promobilder und alternative Modelle

Torsten Frank - Das Blog


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